One of my favorite things in the world is coffee, and close to it is finding cute and quaint places to admire and enjoy. And I think I found my new favorite spot! Of course, I was scrolling through TikTok when I found out about this place and now, I am dying to find a time to drive there. The place is Smith’s Coffee and Café located at 8107 Eden Prairie Rd, Eden Prairie, MN.

After visiting their website, I became even more obsessed. Not only is this place a coffee shop with many unique and exquisite drinks, but they have a bakery that has more than just scones and muffins (which is hard to find). Not only this but they have an exquisite breakfast and lunch menu. This includes items such as No. 9 (a breakfast menu item) that consists of scrambled eggs, bacon, thick-cut Levin toast served with homemade jam and butter. This happens to be about $12 but it looks so delicious and you get home made jam! How can you beat that? One item on the lunch menu is avocado toast which features a Toasted multigrain bread with avocado, lemon vinaigrette, micro greens, parmesan, Aleppo pepper for about $10.

Photos provided by screenshots from falonkdwb and shelbyinminnesota on TikTok
Photos provided by screenshots from falonkdwb and shelbyinminnesota on TikTok

But it gets even better! Smith Coffee and Café has Wednesday pizza nights, where they are open 4:30-9pm where you can order pizzas such as Lemon Ricotta, and Poppy pizza (which is a pizza with Poppyseed crust, Olive oil, Garlic, Sausage, Swiss chard, Mozzarella, Honey, Parmesan). In addition to pizza, they also include a wine a beer menu with items such as a lemon-lavender mimosa!

Now for the location. The coffee and café shop is actually the Smith-Douglas-More House, an Eden Prairie historic site originally built in 1877, and it is beautiful. When looking at it from the outside you get the lovely quaint, historic, cottage vibe and it continues throughout the whole house. There is even an outdoor seating area on the patio with the perfect white-picket fence surrounding you as well as beautiful greenery.

You are able to dine in or take out, so I would suggest heading to their website or taking a drive to check the place out! They are open daily 8 am – 3 pm, and then Wednesday nights for pizza from 4:30 - 9pm.

this post was inspired by the two TikToks provided, and photo credits go to both accounts. information has also been provided by Smith Coffee and Café's website.

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