Summer 2020 was different to say the least, but I wouldn't say that was a bad thing. I got to see and experience lot of things I probably wouldn't have done had I had my typical jam-packed summer.

One of the coolest things I got to see was the abandoned farm from the 1800's at Bend In the River Regional Park in Rice. My fiance's sister and cousin did a DIY prom for their friends and that is where everyone met for pictures before dinner.

I thought it was a standard park we would be meeting at with some trees and walking trails, but when we pulled in and I saw old buildings from the 1800's my eyes lit up and my camera turned on. I love this kind of stuff.

The map of the park says:

Little is known of the individuals who aquired territorial land grants for this property prior to Minnesota's statehood in 1858, but by the 1880's it was a working farm, owned by George Wolhart. Its most recent caretakers- the Graves Family - bought the farm in 1912 and maintained it through the decades until it was sold to Benton County in 2002.

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Explore an Abandoned Farm From the 1800's in Rice

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