While I lived in Lakeville for four years, I never actually went to downtown Lakeville, until now, even though I live in Farmington. Yesterday I explored downtown Lakeville and not only are there a couple of breweries, which I will review later, a cute ice cream shop, and an escape room, but downtown Lakeville is home to Tapestry Coffee, the Coffee shop and roastery and oh my goodness it is so cute!

I did not get a chance to go in because it was closed but it looks so cute! And so today I explored their website and now I am dying to go check them out. If the name doesn’t sound familiar that’s okay, because after reading their ‘about page’ they recently went through a rebranding this past July.

According to their about page and reading about their rebranding (they used to be known as Mainstreet Coffee from 2001-2022) I was wondering what brought them to the name Tapestry Coffee and their answer is beautiful. They explain that “It’s a long process to make a tapestry… it’s handcrafted, there’s an incredible amount of patience and intentionality. It is artistic and beautiful, and there is something for everyone. It’s naturally inclusive, romantic, inviting, and above all, it is constant and sustains.” This is just so beautiful because the same can be said about their coffee and the culture there is today around coffee stores. Not only that, but this can be said about the process and that there is always intention and the importance of quality and care for workers, the product, and the consumers.

Now their menu is absolutely delicious. What is really cool about Tapestry Coffee is that not only is it in-home roasted but their syrups for coffee are also house-made. Now they have a really unique house and seasonal specials menu. This includes drinks like the Bourbon Caramel (House-made bourbon + caramel syrups, espresso + milk of choice), and the Orange Cream Nitro (House-made orange syrup with farm-fresh orange cream milk + nitro infused cold brew).

I would defiantly check them out! The space that the shop is in used to be the old Dakota County Bank and they have renovated it to be so modern, yet so cute and homey at the same time! I mean they have windowsills with pillows and I am just dying to sit there and drink my coffee. So, check out Tapestry Coffee in Lakeville, open 7-5 Monday through Friday, and 7-2 Saturday and Sunday.

all information is credit to Tapestry Coffee's website and photos are provided by their Instagram.

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