The Owatonna Foundation is once again offering grants for 501 C3 non-profit organizations based out of Owatonna, Minnesota. They just recently announced that the deadline for applications for these grants is at the beginning of next month.

According to the press release from the Owatonna Foundation, the Owatonna-based 501 C3 non-profit organizations must be "working on capital projects in the areas of community, arts, recreation, and education". They have awarded grants to many community projects in the past like "new PPE storage and a Paratech Rescue System for the Owatonna Fire Department", the new 'We All Play' playground project in Owatonna, and "the restoration of the Central Park Fountain".

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If you're a part of an organization that would like to apply, you can find the application HERE. Once you fill out the application, they are asking you to mail your application to PO Box 642, Owatonna or you can email your application to

The Executive Director of the Owatonna Foundation, Laura Resler, said they are really excited to be able to offer these grants again this fall. "'The mission of the Owatonna Foundation is to improve the quality of life for present and future generations by supporting Owatonna projects that focus on community, arts, education, and recreation.'"

So if you are part of an organization or someone you know if a part of an organization that could benefit from this grant, the deadline to apply is September 1st.

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