National Pepperoni Pizza Day is coming up on Wednesday, September 20th, and Minnesota-based Hormel is celebrating with a one-of-a-kind online pop-up shop.

And who doesn't want to celebrate pepperoni pizza, America's favorite pizza topping. So, Hormel wants to help us celebrate with all kinds of custom items that are designed to help take the big day in with spicy and flavorful style.

Now through National Pepperoni Pizza Day on September 20th, we can visit to purchase pepperoni-themed and inspired products, including some available only in extremely limited quantities.

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The Hormel Pepperoni Pop-Up Shop

  • The shop has everything you need – including things you never thought you needed, but always wanted – to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day, like a crossbody bag to carry a slice of pepperoni pizza, a custom set of pepperoni pizza-themed rims to drive in style, a pizza-shaped lamp that displays slices of pepperoni, a “break in case of emergency” display case and more.
  • Each day at noon, HORMEL will introduce a new product category such as wearables, home décor and outdoors and will drop new items for us.
  • Hormel had teamed up with food enthusiast and TV host for History Channel’s “Food That Built America,” Adam Richman, to help spread the news about the all-new Pepperoni Pizza Pop-Up Shop.

It all comes from the heart of southern Minnesota -- Austin, Minnesota, USA. Crispy slices of pepperoni on a perfect thin crust. Yes please, and thank you!

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