Since the calendar has turned over to October, it's got plenty of people looking for some spooky/scary stories and places to go. I stumbled across a YouTube channel recently, Lilith Dread, and found that she had recently shared a LONG episode that had to deal with a monster sighting near Lake Vermilion. Could this really have happened or was it a figment of the woman's imagination?

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The woman in the YouTube episode went hiking hear Lake Vermilion, she says that she enjoys it due to the solitude, and one day her dog, Daisy, got away from her after she had parked the car. While she was looking for her dog, she said that she heard noises behind her and while she expected to see her dog chasing after a squirrel, she instead was greeted by a creature perched in a tree staring down at her!

The creature she describes, eyes like a human but having a snout rather than a typical nose on its face, and its face was also covered in hair or fur. The mouth had small fangs coming out, and the woman states that she thought the perched creature "snarled" at her.

The size of the creature was as she describes HUGE, "bigger than any forest creature" the woman had ever seen before. The beast was estimated to be over 7 feet tall and had 'clawed' hands, that gripped the tree it was crouching in.

It was right after the beast snarled at the woman, it stopped, sniffed the air, and at that moment her missing dog appeared on the path behind her. As the dog reached the woman, the beast leaped from the branch and came towards them, only to run past them and into the forest!

The animal/creature/beast she describes sounds so much like a Dog-Man creature that is heard so much about in Wisconsin and Michigan, but it's not as popular of a tale in Minnesota as the Wendigo, the Vergas Hairy Man, or ol' Sassy itself Sasquatch.

Could this have been an encounter with a Dog-Man? It certainly sounds like it, or was it simply a piece of carefully crafted fiction? You can decide by taking a listen to the whole tale below.

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