When the Kmart in Dundas was closed it was reported to us that the Sears store would be unaffected. And that appeared to be the case until the end of May.

One of my colleagues said the were driving by the Sears in Dundas on Sunday on Memorial Day weekend and it looked like it was not open, which seemed unusual.

I was up there on Saturday and drove by the front of the store and it was empty. And the only sign on the building was that MGM Liquors was going to move in there. There was an article about this back in May in the Northfield News, but at the time it did not seem clear that Sears was going to close.

The store has taken their website down for the most part and calls to the phone number, answered by a voicemail, do not indicate they are closed and the voicemail box is full. It just seems odd how after the years of service they gave to the community that they went away so suddenly and quietly.

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