As someone who was born on the early side of Gen Z, I do remember growing up with Christmas cards, but now that I am an adult, learning adult things, in basically 2023, is it still a thing to do? Or with the rise of social media is it not a thing anymore?

I remember growing up and my mom had this specific Christmas decoration. It was a Christmas mailbox and it would become filled with so many Christmas cards during the month of December. I remember our mail was full of them and it was so cool to see everyone’s family whether it was a co-worker of my mom’s, her college friends, or my cousins on my dad’s side.

Anyways, I grew up and so did my family and it was just one of those things we forgot about and it fizzled away. Well apparently, today is National Christmas Card Day and that got me thinking… Is it still a thing?

If you are looking for a definitive answer, I’m sorry, there isn’t one, it seems to be quite complicated.

When thinking about it, it makes sense that sending Christmas cards started to decline. Just like how writing letters and pen pals have decreased over the years. With technology and social media platforms these days, it seems weird to do something like write a letter and wait when you could just text, DM, or post a picture instantly.

I also totally forgot that E-Cards are a thing too! When researching Christmas cards I was reminded, but my family never did that so the whole process seems weird to me.

With all of that, yes, the notion of sending physical Christmas cards is dying.

However, Since COVID and Quarantine time, I think the answer may have changed. With everything even interaction becoming digital, it was my favorite thing ever when my college friends and I wrote physical letters to each other.

I think we realized that simple things and things that may seem “old-school” were fun ways to communicate with people during these harsh past years.

Even in an article from about Christmas cards, Leah Hughes, the owner of Kamu explains this:

For me, Christmas cards are all about connection. In our post-pandemic, Zoom-filled world, I think we are all still striving for ways to feel connected to others. The act of holding the physical card that you know someone took the time to pick out, address, stamp, and send to you can almost bring that warm-chested, nostalgia feeling—I can't think of a better way to show love than that.

I think Hughes said it perfectly here. And I have heard a couple of family members stating they are starting to send Christmas cards again!

So, while general letters and cards may not be a big thing anymore, I believe Christmas cards are making a comeback, and once I start my own family I am defiantly going to get into it!

My question then to you is, did you stop? And if you did, would you start again? Or if you never stopped, why have you kept doing it all these years?

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