We took a look at some Steele County business ads from 1976 last month. This month we'll check out some businesses that advertised in a farm and ranch directory from 1966. How many do you remember?

  • 1

    Stussy Construction

    Their website states that been in business over 50 years so this ad probably dates back to when they were just getting going.

  • 2

    Bucher Implement

    Larold Bucher's obituary states that he began selling IH implements after the Korean War in the early '50s.

  • 3

    Bloomquist Implement

    Yes, it appears there were two implement dealers in West Concord in 1966. Bloomquist began selling Minneapolis Molines right after World War II ended.

  • 4

    Christenson Well Service

    Christenson Well Service began in 1950.

  • 5

    Brewer Implement

    And still another implement dealer in Dodge County in 1966.