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After learning that Sunday, March 21st was “National Fragrance Day” we started discussing our favorite smells on the radio this morning. Listeners called in or chatted with us on our app to share their favorites like fresh coffee, frying bacon, vanilla, bread baking, and fresh-cut grass.

A Minnesota scented candle is available on Amazon and it doesn’t smell like any of those things. The description says, “Take a deep breath of winter air with scents of the North Star State Notes of baked apple strudel and maple mix with peppermint.” The seller explains the candle contains notes of Apple, Maple, Clove; Mid Notes: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Peppermint; Base Notes: Vanilla, Sugar, Tonka Bean.”

Does Minnesota really smell like that? Open our app to let us know what smells you think of when you think about Minnesota. I immediately thought about the smell of the lake - which you probably don't want your house to smell like so I understand why they didn't go with that. What about pine trees? Or Sweet Martha's Cookies?

Another great smell that you’ll notice more often this time of year and during the summer months is the smell of a grill. I don’t know about your neighborhood but I’m surrounded by grill masters and more often than not our neighborhood has a delicious aroma to it.

Speaking of grilling, let us help with the groceries this month! Check our app for the Great Grocery Giveaway to win a $250 Hy-Vee Gift Card.

Top 10 Favorite Sounds Heard in Minnesota


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