Brewster once again steals the show. This dog might be Duluth's favorite with all the publicity he gets. You can tell how much Dan loves this dog. He even lets him eat out of his tortilla chip bag. Dan often shares posts with Brewster.

Dan Hanger, Fox 21 News anchor, shared a reel on Instagram of his beloved dog Brewster struggling with the cold. You can see the little guy wrapped up in a blanket in the passenger seat of Dan's car shivering and his teeth chattering. Poor little guy!

You can hear Dan laughing, but also feeling bad for his dog. We can all agree we've had days like this in the Northland. We had a cold snap that was brutal back when this video was taken.

Since he posted this last month, it's been played over 409,000 times. Brewster is becoming a star, just like his Dad who has gone viral several times over the years. Once he got caught on his Instagram during the newscast. Maybe he was checking on Brewster's views? He also was featured with Sam Ali on Jimmy Fallon for an interesting blooper! He even was featured on Jimmy Kimmel for what was described as the cattiest moment in broadcast history. If you know Dan, he was just having a good time.

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Brewster is getting up there in years. He's 12 years old now and he just isn't having any of this cold weather. Fortunately for Brew, we've got a warm stretch of weather that he can hopefully find a bright spot to lie in.

Lots of comments are asking Dan to get him a coat or a bigger blanket, which I'm sure dan did. My favorite comment is from Austin who called him a cold brew. Nice one!


Check out the video for yourself on Dan's Reel on Instagram. 

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