Digging through the old playhouse again trying to make a path from one side to the next for winter. I'm stumped on this thing. I realize it's a cooler but I can find no reference anywhere to a Goldem Dairy in Owatonna.

I'll just throw out my guesses on this. Perhaps the unique name to avoid confusion with a Golden Dairy. I actually suspect it should read Gold M making it a dairy operated by perhaps someone who had a last name starting with an M.

It's too deep to pile bottles of milk in it so I'm guessing maybe ice cream? I've seen old metal dairy coolers with handles on top but not one covered in canvas. It has sliding casters on the bottom making me think that just perhaps this was used to keep ice cream cold and then was taken on location for sales out of this cooler. It slides on the floor real easily. Of course when full of ice cream it would be quite heavy but some of you may remember those heavy milk cans the haulers used to tote before bulk tanks.

It has straps on top and two leather straps for carrying on the side.

Anyone out there that can shed some light on Goldem Dairy. It was apparently a part of Owatonna's history.

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