This past summer as the THC law and guidelines came into play, many Minnesota breweries began to experiment and create their own THC-infused drinks. Now that it has been gaining popularity, many breweries and bars are starting to open their own THC bars and lounges, and Duluth just got their first one!

Duluth’s Bent Paddle Brewing Company is opening a THC and CBD beverage lounge, tomorrow!

The "Cann-A-Lounge" is opening on Thursday 2/16 at 4:20 p.m. at the brewery's original taproom at 1912 W. Michigan St. The lounge will then be open Thursdays-Sundays from 4:20-9 p.m.

Bring Me The News shares that the lounge is designed to be reminiscent of That '70s Show, with “imbibers of hemp-derived beverages and edibles able to pass the time with puzzles, adult coloring books, and vintage High Times magazines. Surrounded by plants, multiple couches and nooks, the hangout spot also includes a vinyl record player and a selection of records to choose from.”

In Bent Paddles’ newsletter, they explain that the Cann-A-Lounge + Market’s relaxing space invites customers to experience Bent Paddle’s non-synthetic, MN-grown, and produced, hemp-derived ▲9 THC + CBD sparkling waters and edibles. Other hand-selected high-quality hemp and cannabis adjacent products, from edibles to body care to Creative Thinking journals from various companies, will also be available.

Bent Paddle also notes that while THC and CBD products and info can be confusing they aim to create a welcoming, stigma-free environment for all who wish to learn more in a safe, comfortable, and social space. “Our knowledgeable staff is excited to help folks new and old to cannabis learn about its origin, effects, and more,” noted Bent Paddle Taproom Director, Pepin Young. “Our staff is trained to educate customers on all things THC and create a positive experience for all,” continues Young in the newsletter.

Bent Paddle co-founder Byron Tonnis shares with Bring Me The News on the creation of their THC products:

"We take the hemp extract and combine it with the fresh waters of Lake Superior to create sparkling waters that are clean, crisp, and reminiscent of the Great Lakes. The results are easy drinking, all-natural sparkling waters that taste great and are Minnesota made from field to glass.”

While the Cann-A-Lounge is a 21+ only environment, those with kids and pets can still find CBD+ and THC+ sparkling waters at their current Taproom seven days per week.

While Cann-A-Lounge is located in Duluth I highly recommend checking it out some time. There are many bars and breweries within the Twin Cities that serve and sell their own THC and CBD infused drinks.

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