A big part of the summertime is fair-going and boy did I get to do a lot of that! This past weekend was the annual Steele County Free Fair, and it was not only my first time working there, but my first time attending as well. After the anticipation kept building from all my coworkers stating "this is the big deal," or "you are gonna love this," I was a bit skeptical, but they were right! Not only did I have fun learning and exploring new things as content for our stations, but I also appreciated the time and experience I had. I got to see many people, try new foods, see new things, and learned some of the ropes for working a booth at the fair.

I was definitely nervous and anxious about everything, but it was always fun, and everyday seemed to fly by even though we were doing more than our usual day-to-day tasks. Here is my review and experience of the fair seen through pictures I had taken during my time! I did not get to photograph all that I experienced and everything that was a highlight, but I hope this give you a little insight into me and what I appreciated throughout the fair.

Experiencing The Steele County Free Fair for The First Time; Seen Through Pictures

This past weekend was the annual Steele County Free Fair, and was also my first time going! We as a station and company (Townsquare Media and KRFO AM/FM) had a booth at the fair, so not only did I learn and explore things as a chance to create content for our stations but for myself as well. here is a gallery of all the things I encountered, what my favorite things were, what I ate, and just the overall experience at Minnesota's largest free fair!

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