The Faribault Woolen Mills has a legendary sale going on Saturday Oct 14. Every year it's a big event to move things out of the warehouse. And this year some vintage never before sold items are available.

Here are some tips.

More than 17,000 items will be available, so there is truly something for everyone.
It’s more than just blankets. The Warehouse Sale will give shoppers a range of products from a limited number of $2 spools of yarn to $150 recently discontinued jacquard king and queen blankets. There will be everything from throws and blankets, to clothing and accessories to holiday and home décor.
The sale this year is one day only, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. While past sales have been two days with a restock for the second day, this year Faribault will have everything out on day one with no restocks and no second day.
There are items for every price range. Scarves, pillow cases, stockings, throws, and more are all within the $25 to $100 range depending on if they are first run discontinued items or seconds. There will also be really great deals on end-of-the-summer cotton throws and cotton accessories, so shoppers can stock up for next year.
Any of the seconds are marked as to why they are seconds. Some may simply be two inches off in size versus the first run product. Others may not meet Faribault’s weave pattern consistency standards. Faribault’s rigorous standards are the shoppers’ gain on all the seconds.
The only items you will not find in the sale are products that are currently in Faribault’s existing lines or new lines. However, you can get a discount on those, too! Simply take your receipt from the Warehouse Sale over to the Mill Store (just next to the warehouse) and save 10 percent on all regularly priced items.
Clothing and vintage Faribault Mill pieces will be available, too: There will be many capes in stock as well as vintage pieces you can’t get anywhere else in the world (unless your parents handed one down to you).

John Anderson will be broadcasting live from 10-noon on Power96 and register for a $200 gift card.

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