According to Wirecutter, the product testing section of the New York Times, with bed and bath writer Jackie Reeve, Minnesota's Faribault Woolen Mill Company makes one of the best blankets for winter warmth. Which was one out of the seven best blankets after they spent "more than 500 hours" testing 44 of them.

Photo by Kinsey, Townsquare Media
Photo by Kinsey, Townsquare Media

Bring Me The News shares the latest on how Faribault Woolen Mill Company was one of the seven selected for its Pure & Simple Wool Blanket, and how it is the best pick for someone looking for a "washable wool blanket." describes that these blankets are the "rustic heirloom blanket every country cabin should have," which Reeves notes that the blanket is "pleasantly coarse and scratchy," but "not so rough that it irritates the skin." Which is something that is incredibly important to consider because like myself, most people want a blanket that not only keeps them warm but is comfortable to the skin.

Bring Me The News also notes that Faribault Woolen Mill Company’s woolen blanket was one of the six wool and wool-blend blankets Reeve tested, with the Faribault blanket coming top of the pile for its "gorgeous feel, machine washability, and warmth."

What really blew me away is that this wool blanket is not cheap. The wool blanket currently sells at $275 at Faribault Woolen Mill Co. but I mean if NYT selected it as one of the best blankets in the nation, it seems realistic, plus a quality wool blanket is meant to last a long time so it makes total sense.

You can get the blanket in multiple different colors including Light Heather Grey, Bone White, Admiral Blue, Camel, Olive, Willow, and Cayenne. And the description of the blanket includes that it is “Still made from 100% virgin wool with a whip stitched edge, these heirloom-quality blankets are easy to care for and make for the ideal layering blanket in cooler temperatures.”

The blanket has many amazing reviews with the main takeaway being it is warm but breathable! Feel free to buy one today or browse their website for other products.

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