Kids are starting to get out of school, and if they need to get some energy out, sign them up for this messy but fun event in Faribault, Minnesota! It was supposed to happen on Thursday, May 26th but got postponed because of the weather, so there's still time to sign up.

This will be the 3rd annual Muddy Mile which is being put on at the Faribault Family Aquatic Center. The event was rescheduled to Tuesday, May 31st because this past Thursday would have been too cold.

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At the Muddy Mile, it's like those mud runs you see adults doing, but for kids! According to the Faribault Parks and Recreation website, "kids ages 5-16 will have the opportunity to get muddy and climb over, under, and through different obstacles."

The Faribault Fire Department will be there too having some fun and providing water over some obstacles and water to help rinse off after. There will also be snacks and drinks after the race plus, before they rinse off, a spot to take pictures!

If you haven't registered your kids yet, you can still do so right up until the event. The Muddy Run runs 5 PM - 6:30 PM at the Faribault Family Aquatic Center. The cost per child is $25. You can get them signed up at the Faribault Parks and Rec website.

As of right now (Friday, May 27th) there's a chance for rain on Tuesday with a high of 73. 73 would be a great temperature to do a run in and I would assume that the run will still take place even in the rain because you're supposed to get muddy! But make sure to keep checking the Faribault Parks and Rec page.

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