Friday afternoon area farmer and Pioneer Seed Dealer Brent Fuchs and I visited the third grade class at the Cannon River Stem School in Faribault. It was a bush day for us because we also visited the third grade classes at Jefferson Elementary Friday morning. At Jefferson we talked to two classes for an hour, moved to another room and talked to another two third grade classes. I am not sure how elementary teachers can do it because by the time we finished we were tired!

Brent and I have one objective or message we try and get the third graders to understand. Without farmers producing corn and soybeans they will not have any food for lunch. We begin with all kinds of food items from the grocery store that they would recognize that have some form of corn and soybeans in them. After showing pictures of how we plant, harvest, dry and store corn and soybeans we then relate that back again to all the food items.

Then we ask what the menu was for lunch or what they did have for lunch and relate that back to corn and soybeans. Then I suggest maybe it would be good if we did not have farmers? Then they could study and do homework during lunch break. Just think how much smarter they could be if they did not have to waste their time eating? We have not had a third grader so far that thought not eating lunch was a good idea!

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