This one caught my eye on Facebook. It's the 1st Annual Coyotes 'Fur' Cancer Fundraiser. It's a coyote hunt along with chili and soup feed and raffle.

It takes place on Saturday, January 27. Hit the woods with your friends and bring back your coyotes to the Blooming Prairie Cue Company back parking-lot for a group hunting picture. The coyotes will then e sold to a fur buyer with the proceeds going to the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group. A reminder the group doesn't just donate everything for research. A number of dollars are put to work locally providing rides and other help to area residents fighting cancer.

Coyotes are pests as they will go after cats and small dogs. I and my neighbor both lost two small dogs each a number of years ago. The following spring I located what appeared to me as a coyote den entrance. Certain times of the year I can hear them howling out in the woods and then our dogs join in chorus.Though coyotes aren't attention seekers I'm sure I saw one in our yard one winter night. I came home and noticed what I thought was our old dog Marley. I turned into the driveway and there was Marley by the back door. No way that old dog could travel that fast. I suspect it was a coyote lurking around in our yard.

Non hunters are invited to partake in the chili and soup feed as well. It starts at 6PM at the Cue Company.

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