While First Avenue is generally known as a music venue, the club has been known to host other events like comedy shows and even wrestling matches. The latter will be featured for Sunday's always-popular Wrestlepalooza event.

Minnesota has long been a hotbed for professional wrestling. Many think of the American Wrestling Association (AWA) as the genesis for the state's rich wrestling history, but in reality the history of Minnesota wrestling began in the 1930's and blossomed into the National Wrestling Alliance in 1948. 

The AWA formed in the early 1960's and was among the most popular attractions- and television shows- of its day until the mid-1980's when Vince McMahon began poaching the AWA stars for his upstart World Wrestling Federation.

While the AWA may have folded for good in 1991, Minnesota continues to host a handful of successful independent promotions including F1rst Wrestling, Midwest Pro Wrestling, Steel Domain Wrestling and more.

One of the crown jewels of 'indy' wrestling is First Avenue's 'Wrestlepalooza" event. Thousands of fans pack the nightclub for a night of wrestling and fun.

I attended a Wrestlepalooza a few years ago and it was just fantastic. Being in such a small venue leads to lots of fun back-and-forth between the wrestlers and the fans... you can even stand right next to the ring and get an up close and personal look at the athletes and how it all goes down.

Tickets are scarce for Sunday's event but still available at this link.

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