Sunday afternoon, President Biden gave the order to shoot down an unidentified aerial phenomenon over the Great Lakes. It was first spotted in Montana on Saturday and had made its way to the United States and Canadian Border.

It was the fourth object over U.S. air space that had been shot down in just over a week. It all started with the Chinese surveillance balloon that crossed the United States, before being shot down in shallow waters off the east coast by an F-22.

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Governor Tim Walz shared information that it was Duluth, Minnesota's 148th fighter winUFO that responded to and eliminated the latest target over Lake Huron. I reached out to the 148th and they also did confirm that they responded to the threat and they really couldn't say anything else. Now some new details have emerged after a military official made comment on the latest strike.

According to The Hill, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley spoke about the incident following a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Brussels. He said that the first missile that was fired missed the target. The second missile fired hit the target. The sidewinder missile was used and is a short-range aircraft intercept missile. The way the targeting system works is that it calculates and leads the target when fired. Perhaps this doesn't work as well with slow-moving objects.

F-16 Fighter Crashes During Training Mission
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So what happened to the first missile? Milley said that officials go to great lengths to ensure that the airspace around the target is clear, and the backdrop is also clear. The first missile landed harmlessly in the water of Lake Huron.

Officials also make sure that the airspace is clear of any commercial or recreational traffic. They also check maritime space to ensure that is also clear.

Duluth 148th Fighter Wing Air National Guard fighter jet
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

It may be some time before we know what exactly the object was that was shot down. It was described as being octagonal in shape with strings hanging down from it. All of them were described as the size of a small car.

A YouTube channel War Zone has released audio captured from the strike. In it, you can hear that the pair of F-16s deployed had a hard time describing what they were seeing. Part of the problem was the slow speed of the object and it's a smaller size. One pilot describes it as the size of an ATV.

In this case, the object over Lake Huron now rests in "probably a couple of hundred feet of water." The Coast Guard was sent to the area to recover the debris.

U.S. Coast Guard Ice Cutting Tug Boat Works To Keep Shipping Channels Open On The Hudson River
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This is a developing story, and we will provide further information once provided.

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