<p>The possibilities are endless! This sprawling mansion, originally known as the Briarcombe Farm, is situated on 15 acres adjacent to Signatures Golf Course.</p><p> </p>

Whenever you hear "the possibilities are endless" you should assume there will be a lot of work required. You would definitely need to roll up your sleeves and spend a ton of cash to bring this 8,000-square-foot mansion back to life. The giant home in Winona, Minnesota recently went viral after being posted to the popular Zillow Gone Wild page.

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Flip or Flop? Minnesota Mega Mansion Needing Major TLC Hits The Market

The eight-bedroom mansion sits on 15 acres next to a golf course in Winona and was originally known as the Briarcombe Farm. It is priced to sell. The current listing says the mansion is available for $750,000.

Buyer beware though, the property needs a lot of work and I'm not sure this is something an amateur do-it-yourselfer or weekend warrior could handle.

Minnesota Mansion, Needing TLC, Hits The Market

A Winona, Minnesota mansion that was built in 1912 is currently listed for sale for $750,000. Do you have the DIY skills to bring it back to life? Check out the listing info and pictures below.

A bidding war has already started on the property!

Listing agent Jenny Cisewski told FOX 9 there have already been multiple offers, "I think it’s great that Briarcombe is featured on Zillow Gone Wild. I’ve read many of the comments, they are interesting and entertaining (with a few misconceptions). There definitely has been a peek in interest in the last day."

Are you obsessed with Zillow?

Surety First, an insurance agency, surveyed over 1,000 people about Zillow to find out how much time we spend browsing properties online and found that more than half of people (55%) spend between one to four hours a day on the real-estate website. The results of the survey also showed that 49% would rather browse Zillow than have sex.

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