I am as happy for the warmer weather as anyone. But as the spring equinox occurs on Tuesday at 11:15AM, I am also dreading several aspects of spring. It seems appropriate that snow showers are forecast for Tuesday. The advent of spring hardly marks the end of winter weather in Minnesota. Major snow storms are possible, in fact likely, in March, April and possibly even May.

Spring marks the end of the winter high school sports season. The excitement of tournament-time began in mid-February and culminated with a pair of state wrestling individual champions in Owatonna and a third-place finish for the OHS gymnastics team. The hockey tournaments are legendary. The state basketball tournaments bring the winter season to an end. That said, I enjoy a good baseball or softball game and like sitting in the stands to catch a lacrosse game. Some of the early season games will be considerably colder than going to a hockey game.

I am not looking forward to yard care. We have a small dog who has left a variety of surprises in the yard during the winter. Someone, usually me, is tasked with cleaning that up. Mowing the lawn is another matter. My son is off at college, so I can't pay him or guilt him into doing it. I don't mind running for hours on the treadmill, but to walk back-and-forth across my yard is a chore.

With the warmer weather, at least I can run outdoors as I prepare for the 10th annual From the Heart Run in Owatonna May 5. And I will bundle up to watch some of the early season spring sports too, if they are not postponed by snow.


  • Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media
    Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media

    It will snow again

    In Minnesota, spring does not usually mark the end of snow.

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    Winter High School Sports End

    February and March are a great time for those who enjoy prep sports. The spring sports season is quick and frequently devastated by the weather.

  • Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media
    Roy Koenig/Townsquare Media

    Dog Clean-up Detail

    Small dog means a big mess in the yard in the spring.

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    Someone Want to Mow my Yard?

    I know it's good exercise, but I don't look forward to mowing the lawn.

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