I'm sure it's happened to everyone several times. I'm talking about that time when you throw your arms up in the air and state "I had no idea" or "I can't believe I didn't know that."

Here's a couple of examples. I was told of a Mankato State student phoning her father for help putting gas in her car. Supposedly he drove from Owatonna to Mankato to fill up his daughter's car. Kind of hard to believe but I don't know why someone would make a story like that up.

This story is true. A young married father called his in-laws, who are locals. His lawn mower quit running and he couldn't get it to restart. Apparently his in-laws were planning a visit to the Cities anyway so they head up north. The father-in-law then removed and emptied the grass bag and restarted the mower. That's right, the young man didn't know you had to empty a grass bag. Did I mention that he's a college professor?

OK, my turn. My wife sent me to the grocery store for one food item. I walked up and down the aisle and couldn't find it anywhere. I finally asked a clerk and pointed a ways off and said I'd find it in the ___________. What? You're kidding. He wasn't. I walked to the checkout looking for someone I might know so I could ask them if they were as dumb as I am. I couldn't find anyone but I just had to ask someone. I posed the question to three male co-workers and two of them answered incorrectly, as they thought as I did. The third didn't make any sense.

Gals, here's your question to pose to your man and see if he knows or not. I'll put the answer further down this page. Honey, if I sent you to the grocery store to pick up a tub of Cool Whip, name one possible food item that might be right next to it.

All these years and I had no idea that Cool Whip was frozen and kept in the freezer case. I searched all along the butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, whipped cream etc and couldn't find Cool Whip. Did your man respond with a frozen food item? Or did he name a dairy product? Try it, we guys might surprise you as to how little we know. Wink, wink.

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