Owatonna Parks and Recreation is again offering women a chance to find out a little more about the game of golf. If you've debated as to whether you wanted to learn the game then perhaps try out the Wine, Women and Golf promotion that's now underway.

Here's how it works. A $15 fee gets you three holes of golf a helper and a glass of wine. No scores will be kept and no pressure. You'll be part of a team of three golfers along with a helper and a glass of wine. The helper isn't the glass of wine, though one might want to look at it that way. This isn't a golf lesson but a chance to hit a golf ball and get some tips and advice from the helper. If you decide it might be for you then take the plunge and go it on your own sometime.

Dates at Brooktree Golf Course are Wednesday, June 21 at 3PM, Saturday, July 15 at either 2PM or 3:30Pm and Wednesday, July 26 at 3PM. Sessions last about an hour and a half. For find out more or to make a reservation call  (507)-444-2467.

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