Mason's Sweet Corn and Mis Tres Flores are partnering up to throw a Mexican Street Corn Fiesta in Waseca this Friday, starting at 5 pm!

And let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy a fiesta? Especially when that fiesta is paired with delicious, authentic food. 

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Locally grown sweet corn complete with bona fide Mexican toppings (or just butter with salt and pepper if you prefer the OG route) will be available for purchase on and off the cob.

In Mexico, corn is traditional served with mayonnaise, cheese, and chili. I agree, it sounds like a unique flavor combination, but the picture below screams tasty!

The prices for corn are as followed:

  • On the Cob: $4.50
  • Esquites: $4.00
  • Fresh from Mason's Farm: $8/1 dozen

Esquites are the 'bowl/salad' version of the traditional Mexican street corn. You can see an example of the delectable treat in the picture above.

The fiesta will take place at Mis Tres Flores (100 10th Ave SE in Waseca).

Even if you're not into corn, you can enjoy plenty of other excellent, authentic Mexican foods.

All of Mis Tres Flores's food is 100% homemade!

That's not something you're bound to find throughout the rest of Southeast Minnesota.

Beyond that, Mis Tres Flores is known for fair prices and high-quality service.
Nothing makes or breaks an experience more than the quality of customer service.

Keep scrolling to see the best spots in Rochester known for amazing customer service, and while we're on the topic, let us know your favorite place based on service in the comments below.

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