The folks at WalletHub did some research and they determined that we Americans will spend a record $9.1 billion on Halloween this season. Of that amount $3.35 billion will be spent on costumes.

A few other findings include 62% of the parents responding admit to secretly eating their children's Halloween treats. The survey also shows 36% of parents think it's OK to let their child trick-or-treat alone by age 12 or 13.

Some things to keep in mind. Add reflective tape to your child's costume and give them a flashlight. Set a time for them to be home.

Trivia time. Did you know that in October 2013 a record 30,851 jack-o-lanterns were lit up at the same time in Keene, New Hampshire.

I haven't had a trick or treater in 23 years. I still buy candy though just in case and sometimes there's even a few pieces left by Halloween. I do have quite a sweet tooth. November 1 I'll see if that dental insurance is what they claim it is. I'll be visiting Steele County's newest dentist Dr. Lars Moe. You'll find him in the phone book listed as Moe Lars.(did you get it?)

He operates out of an old granary near Steele Center. If you bring in your Halloween candy, he'll give you a free checkup. He told me this promotion went over big last year. His annual grocery bill was less than $100 for all last year. He got that much candy. He's got a large sign up in the waiting room that reads " before you judge me, answer me this, do you think your barber cuts his own hair?"

Happy Halloween, it's always fun to pull your leg.

Happy Halloween

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