Minnesota has many stunning sights. We have numerous lakes, forests, and rivers, but something most people don't know is that we are also home to a few alluring underground marvels.

Three Caves in Minnesota That Are Worth A Visit

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1. Mystery Cave in Preston, MN

This place has been on my Minnesota bucket list for years! I just haven't found the perfect time to make the hour and a half drive to Preston.

Minnesota's longest known cave, Mystery Cave, is located within the perimeters of  Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park. From stalactites, stalagmites, wonderous underground pools, and interconnecting passages, Mystery Cave will leave you in awe.


To reserve a tour, click here

2. Niagara Cave in Harmony, MN

Niagara Cave has been voted "Best Family Attraction in Bluff Country!" 

This cave is equipped with a 60ft waterfall, a subterranean wedding chapel, and various fossils. 

Though currently closed for the winter, the hour-long tours will start back up in April. 

To reserve a tour, click here

3. Soudan Underground Mine in Soudan, MN

Now, this one isn't technically a cave, but it is still astonishing. My family and I visited a few summers ago and had a fantastic time exploring Minnesota's first iron ore mine. The tour guides were exceptionally knowledgeable about the old mine operations. 

Tours run Memorial weekend through October.

To reserve a tour, click here.

Let us know your favorite underground wonders in the comments below.

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