Alas, my fate. While my distant cousin Mr. Ed got pampered and treated like royalty I wound up belonging to a bunch of nuts in Southern Minnesota. Ed even got his own TV show. What did I get? Every year I get forced to dress up in some crazy outfit and ride around the Steele County Fair. Don't believe me? Well, take a look.

Man oh man, just when I'm ready to make a move on a sweet little filly at the fair, my owners do this to me. Instead of love all I get his laughter. Woe is me.  Mr. Lou

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    I don't remember Dorothy having a horse. However, I consider myself lucky. Being forced to dress like a small dog like Toto would have pushed me over the edge.

  • 2


    This one wasn't too bad. At least I got by with just a feather in my mane.

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    So what do these people do during the day to come up with the idea I'd look good dressed as an airplane?

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    Beach Party

    If I'm gonna be a horse that goes to the beach, they could of at least given me a thong or something. My whole rear is hanging out. Makes me feel so human.

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    I honestly can't remember what this was all about. Trust me, wearing a mask and covered in cotton balls ain't a pleasant feeling.

  • 6

    Raggedy Ann

    I look like I'm wearing a kilt.

  • 7

    What in the world is this?

    I don't remember this one. Looks like I should be at a Viking game.

  • 8


    Is that a zebra on my back?