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Garth Brooks announced last week he's doing an exclusive concert that will be shown at over 300 drive-in theaters across the country later this month, and here are the three closest locations to Owatonna.

If you're a Garth Brooks fan (and, who isn't, am I right?!?) this is news you're going to want to hear. Or read, that is. I have to say, though, that when I heard that Garth was doing a concert that'll be shown exclusively at drive-in theaters, I was a little bummed because we don't have a drive-in theater here in Owatonna.

Well, if you were thinking the same thing, don't despair-- because there ARE three drive-in theater locations in Minnesota that will be showing Garth's concert on June 17th. I mean, you don't want to miss out on Garth in Minnesota, right? Here's the deal: According to Garth's website, tickets cost $100 per carload (it doesn't matter how many people you have in your vehicle) and will go on-sale Friday, June 19th.

And according to Ticketmaster, here are the Minnesota locations that are taking part: They include the Verne Drive-In in Luverne, the Elko Drive-In in Elko New Market, and the Kilburn in St. Cloud (a new drive-in being put up for this show).

Now, there are also a few drive-in theaters back in my home state of Wisconsin also showing Garth's concert: The River's Edge Drive-In in New Richmond (east of the Twin Cities) and the CV Drive-In in Chippewa Falls (where I used to live.)

Are YOU going to see Garth at the drive-in next Saturday?

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