Inflation seems to be hitting everything these days, but at least we had Halloween to look forward to! Well not as much anymore! Hershey has recently released a statement saying because of the war in Ukraine they are seeing supply issues.

Kare 11 has the latest on what Hershey has said about the situation. According to the article “We will not be able to fully meet consumer demand," for Halloween, Hershey Chief Executive Officer Michele Buck said in prepared remarks ahead of the company's Q2 earnings call Thursday.”

It is also noted that Buck blames the war and then ingredients being on months of shipping backlog. It was explained that the company starts to produce candy for Halloween in early spring, and because of this and the shortage of supplies they had to make some tough decisions. This means they will be short on the usual demand needed for the holiday.

Kare 11 then explaining that “some of the blame rests internally, with how the company chose this year to allocate resources for production amid soaring demand. Because Hershey uses the same production lines for both their Halloween candy and regular candy, they must choose between the two.”

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While Hershey may be facing this problem, they are not alone. Many companies in the food industry and out, are having a tough time keeping up with demand due to supply and chain shortages. What we can do for now is hope companies can recover within the next couple years.

All information and quotes are credited to the Kare 11 article here.

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