I've never been much for calling in sick. i think it comes from my days as a bartender where I would miss out on $400-$500 in tips. Yes, Houston was a very lucrative place to be a bartender. No work, no tips, so I'd drag my butt to work no matter what.


Since I've been in radio, I've called in sick twice in 35 years and both times I was in the hospital. Granted, radio isn't that tough where one needs to call in sick a lot.

But, for some, a "mental health" day can help reboot you, or maybe you really are sick. Especially, in this pandemic time, your co workers would prefer you stay home if you're not feeling well.

If you do call in, how much notice do you give?  Most people call in about 6 hours before work. About 3% have the balls to wait until after the work day starts to call in later.  53% call in and 25% text in.

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Employees in Wisconsin, Utah and good ol' reliable Minnesota are least likely to call in sick when they aren't. Connecticut, New Jersey and New Hampshire are the most likely to have fakers call in.

Whether you are actually sick, hungover or just have something better to do with your day, it appears that most people that call in sick are actually sick. The most common day to call in is Monday (of course) and 1 out of 3 people have called in the day after a holiday.

Some of the other excuses for not being able to make it in to work are things like break ups, unprepared for the day, upset about their work situation, home maintenance, overslept, child care or sick child.

Some people are unlucky enough to work in an abusive workplace or suffer from some sort of work anxiety.   “I have called in sick to avoid working because my boss was abusive and the work place hostile. I actually feared going to work and at times couldn’t force myself to go.” responded one worker.

With so many people working from home now, I'd bet very few are calling in sick since they can just work at home and not have to burn a sick day.




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