Hormel has always been known for, and probably will always be known for, coming up with Spam. Spam even has many varieties.

But now for those people who are on the go a lot and want an inexpensive, delicious and healthy snack, you can now look for some snacks under their Natural Choice meats brand.

Hormel, based in Austin, started doing some sandwiches and wraps in 2013. And then they made some peanut butter snacks under the Skippy brand.

The Natural Choice line is a preservative-free brand that started in 2005. The new snacks come in four varieties. Each comes in a 2-ounce pack containing ham, turkey or chicken paired with cheddar cheese and pretzels, almonds or blueberries covered in chocolate. They sell for between a $1.50 and $2. According to their brand manager, they are a complement to the Rev Snacks.

Hormel Photo
Hormel Photo

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