How Many Items For Your Thanksgiving Feast Were Grown In MN? That question occurred to me when I was hearing all the talk about the cost of the traditional Thanksgiving feast? Maybe all the food items for your Thanksgiving feast are available at the grocery store because they are gown in Minnesota? They were not grown in another country and now sitting on a big container ship at a port in California.

So, lets start the list of traditional foods for your Thanksgiving feast starting with a turkey. Yes, turkeys are grown in Minnesota. Minnesota ranks number one in the United States in Turkey production.

One of my favorites for Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes and lots of gravy. You may not think of Minnesota farmers growing potatoes but they do! Minnesota ranks seventh in potato production in the United States.

I am not a big fan of squash but Louise and many others like squash. I could not find Minnesota's ranking for squash production but you can go to many farmers markets and but locally grown squash!

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My favorite vegetable is peas, Minnesota ranks number one in the United States in pea production. I grow peas and sweet corn under contract for Birds-Eye-Foods in Waseca.

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Many people enjoy corn with their Thanksgiving feast. Yes, we produce a lot of sweet corn in Minnesota too. Minnesota ranks second in sweet corn production.

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Many people enjoy buttered rolls for Thanksgiving. What do you need to make rolls? Wheat, and Minnesota ranks number 8 in all wheat production. By the way isn't Pillsbury based in the Metro area?

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One of our family traditions for Thanksgiving is string bean casserole. I could not find any rankings for string bean production Nation wide but, I do know Lakeside Foods in Owatonna processes string beans grown locally. Also, I believe there are string beans grown up by Randolph.

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Wild rice is another item that is a part of many Thanksgiving traditions. Well, Minnesota ranks number one in wild rice production too!

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I have heard some families have a tradition of preparing ham for Thanksgiving in addition to a turkey. Lots of pork produced in Minnesota too! Yes, Minnesota ranks second in the United States in pork production.

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The traditional pie for desert of course is pumpkin. Many pumpkins are grown in Minnesota although I am not aware of any companies that process canned pumpkin in Minnesota. Like squash you can purchase locally grown pumpkins at a local farmers market or even in many grocery stores.


Now, milk to drink and for butter on the rolls, maybe whipped cream or ice cream for the pie? Minnesota ranks 8th in the United States in Milk Production.

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What is missing for Thanksgiving that we do not produce in Minnesota? Cranberries to my knowledge are not produced in Minnesota. Wisconsin ranks number one in cranberry production, just east of Minnesota! The only other items I could think of not grown in Minnesota, coffee and tea!

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Hopefully you get the point that agriculture in Minnesota is very diverse. If you meet a farmer over Thanksgiving, or those involved in processing, transporting providing the inputs or in retailing thank them for what they do. Providing the safest and most affordable food supply in the world.

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