Wait a minute now. I'm married and plan to stay that way and no, I don't have any news to share. I was just wondering how much a wedding costs. Since I have a daughter, I thought it wouldn't hurt to poke around for some clues.

I found this website Cost of Wedding where you could punch in a zip code to get a general idea. I see they base the costs on a survey of a little over 9,000 couples form  2016 so the sample size is pretty small and perhaps not that accurate. However it is a place to start.

First I did Steele County and I chose the 50-100 guest category for simply no reason at all. Here's what I came up with : Ellendale cost ranged from 13,722-22,870 dollars while Blooming Prairie ranged from 11,071 to 18,452. The site claimed in Owatonna the cost would be between 12,255 and 20,426 while Medford checked in at around 13,500 to 22,262. For the fun of it I punched in the zip code for Jackson MS. We often think of Mississippi as a poorer state. The numbers came back at 11,315 to 18,859 dollars. Not much different than for Steele County MN. When I put in the zip code for Beverly Hills, CA I got what I was looking for. An average cost of 17,018 to 28,363 dollars. Pricey.

The most expensive part of a wedding is the reception. If you're lucky enough to pair your daughter off with a farmer, there's a chance they might have a big enough machine shed. That would save some money. If that's not the case, here's another off the wall idea. What do you need a DJ for? Nobody dances much anyway unless the chicken dance comes on. How about instead of a dance, might I suggest a number of games of Wedding Bingo? Wait a minute. If you're attending a wedding reception would you rather sit around and watch two or three couples dance or play some games and win cool prizes? The father of the bride would buy the prizes and call the numbers. You could get a number of nice prizes for what a DJ costs. I tossed that idea out to a few friends a long time ago. They gave me strange looks. Perhaps I'm ahead of the pace of the rest of the wedding world?  Or maybe I'm just nuts. ??? Either way if my time ever comes to walk my daughter down the aisle, it won't be cheap, I know that much.


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