I was watching some of the NFL draft and I noticed the Packers traded down and then back up in just a few minutes or so. Yet, when they called the name of their pick, Jaire Alexander, they already had a Packer jersey ready with  name Alexander on it. How did they do that? Maybe that's  how they decide who to pick.

Back in the draft room there was probably a conversation sort of like " Hey Bill we're on the clock. Pull out a jersey. OK. Here's one with the name Peck. Anyone worth drafting with the last name Peck? No, how about McIntosh? Really? We gotta hurry, time is running out. Here's an Alexander. What? There's a good draftable player named Alexander? Get out there and pick him. Say, what are we gonna do with these Kobloski and Zuckerman jerseys? We've been bringing them to the draft since 89 and they're looking a little ratty. I say we leave these behind next year or maybe even throw them out. Hey Fred, remember that draft years ago and we couldn't find our Sanders jersey? Just our luck we pulled out the Mandarich one just before our time ran out. What's that? We've made a trade and we're on the clock again? OK here's a Peterman jersey. Any good draftables named Peterman? Olson? How about Kline?

Actually I suspect they have one or two jerseys and I'm guessing they have a bunch of velcro letters they stick on after they pick the player they want. This got me to thinking that it's mighty fortunate that Giannis Antetokounmpo didn't make football his sport of choosing. He'd still be waiting to be drafted.

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