It's not unheard of that we hear about garage break-ins. Once a thief has access to your garage, they have access to your entire house potentially. In fact, it's happened to me before (car was broken into while sitting innocently in my driveway) and I know several people that have had to deal with these sorts of theft too.

I remember growing up, my Sheriffs deputy grandfather would constantly warns us against letting anyone know we were on vacation. It's so hard to not share your joy when you're hitting the tropics though. Especially when one of the most popular things to post about on social media are pictures of feet in the sand and palm trees behind you. But the biggest way to ensure no one knows you're away is to not talk about it on social media or to anyone outside of immediate trusted circles. While you're away, see if you local police department will check your property periodically.

Want to add some additional crime prevention strategies? Watch this handy video and protect your home today.

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