"No hayrides. No escape. No mercy."

If that doesn't grab your attention, then nothing will. In fact, that's the first line you read when you log onto Dreadwood Haunted Forests website, and it only gets creepier from there.

Located in an isolated forest outside of Hudson, Wisconsin, it's not your typical park that's surrounded by neighborhoods or filled with cabins. Nope. When night falls out there it gets very, very dark and very, very, scary.

However, what's not scary is the fact they donate nearly all of the money they make to charity. Since its founding, the charity-based haunt has donated its profits to other nonprofit organizations.

Dreadwood also donates non-perishable food items to the United Way food shelter.

So exactly how scary is Dreadwood? It's scary enough to put an age limit on their participants, because anyone under the age of 13 will not permitted inside. You also have to sign a waiver before entering. Yikes.

While it's kind of a drive (it's just under 90 miles from Rochester), if you're the kind who loves this kind of spooky entertainment, then this sounds like a can't miss attraction!

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