We're starting to talk about spring (the Farmer's Almanac has even released their spring weather predictions) and that means birds are going to start making their way back to Minnesota from their southern winter homes. This includes beautiful ruby-throated hummingbirds! They'll be starting their migration soon and making their way back to Minnesota for the summer.

Based on this distribution/range map, hummingbirds spend their winters in southern Mexico and other parts of Central America. Others spend their winters in southern Florida. But within the next week or so hummingbirds begin their migration!

According to hummingbird-guide.com, northern Florida usually sees hummingbirds starting at the beginning of March. Then they slowly work their way up the US to Minnesota.

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Most ruby-throated hummingbirds stay in southern Mexico/Central America in the winter so the typical migration pattern takes them through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and up to the Dakotas.

The estimated time of year that hummingbirds will show up in our backyard is around May 1st, so we still have about 2 months. However, if you like to feed hummingbirds, hummingbird-guide.com suggests putting out the hummingbird feeders about 2 weeks before their expected arrival just in case they show up early.

I love watching hummingbirds. Seeing their little wings work so hard and yet they're totally silent! It's so cool. Hummingbirds migrating also make it official that spring is coming so that's very exciting.

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