There are plenty of people who are big Wheaties fans. Some are such big fans that they collect the boxes with different athletes on them. Others think about how cool it would be to have their own face on a Wheaties box. Clarence, from Marion, Iowa, is a Wheaties fan and he got to have his face printed on a Wheaties box for his 100th birthday!

Clarence is a very committed Wheaties fan, he’s had Wheaties for breakfast every morning for 67 years according to People. Co-workes and I have speculated whether that’s true or not. There must have been at least one time when he strayed away from the Wheaties. But he told KCRG “‘I dump a bowl of Wheaties and put a little sugar in it and put a little milk in it … That’s my breakfast’”. He’s been doing that since he was in the Coast Guard in World War II.

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His daughter, Renee, of course, knows about her dad’s commitment to Wheaties so for his 100th birthday she decided to try and get General Mills to put her dad’s face on a Wheaties box. She told KCRG, “‘why not shoot for the moon?’” And it worked out!

General Mills shared photos on their Instagram of the day Clarence received his special Wheaties box. In the post, they said that Wheaties is also 100 years old and that Clarence was very excited to receive his personalized Wheaties box. “‘I can't believe it!’”, he said. 

So a big happy birthday shout out to Clarence in Marion, Iowa!

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