Minnesotans are known for niceness, but that doesn't mean we don't struggle with greed, jealousy, and anger. In fact, when it comes to major cities in America, we aren't far superior.

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WalletHub compared 182 U.S. cities across seven key dimensions.

  1. Anger & Hatred (Focuses: Violent Crimes, Aggravated Assaults, Bullying, Hate-Crimes, etc.) 
  2. Jealousy (Focuses: Thefts, Identity-Thefts, Fraud, etc.)
  3. Excesses & Vices (Focuses: Obesity, Excessive Drinking, Smokers, Drug Overdoses, etc.)
  4. Greed (Focuses: Adults with Gambling Disorders, Charitable Donations, etc.)
  5. Lust (Focuses: Adult Entertainment Establishments, Teen Birth Rate, etc.)
  6. Vanity (Focuses: Tanning Salons, Google Search Index For Plastic Surgeries, etc.)
  7. Laziness (Focuses: Average of Exercising, Weekly Hours Worked, Time Spent Watching TV, High School Drop Out Rate, etc.)

In general, Minnesota was rather average.

Minneapolis, however, is the 41st most sinful city in the country.

Minneapolis's Rankings:

  • Anger & Hatred: 72nd Highest State
  • Jealousy: 55th Highest State
  • Excesses & Vices: 152nd Highest State
  • Greed: 25th Highest State
  • Lust: 25th Highest State
  • Vanity: 24th Highest State
  • Laziness: 162th Highest State

Overall, not too bad. Our neighboring cities in Wisconsin, however, 'excelled' in one specific category. 


At least we have that going for us, right!

Now, let's see what 10 cities were the most sinful this year.

America's 10 Most Sinful Cities in 2021

WalletHub has determined that these cities are far more sinful than the rest.

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