We have all heard for years that Minnesota has some "dumb laws".  In fact, there is a website where you can check out all of the dumb/strange laws that are still on the books in Minnesota.  Most of which are not enforced.  Like the "no eating hamburgers on Sundays".  I think all of us (unless you are a vegetarian) have eaten a hamburger on a Sunday at some point in our lives.

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But there are some other pretty stupid laws.  And you have to wonder why they even originated.  Like the border crossing ban with a duck on your head.  You have to wonder what would prompt that kind of a law?  Like who cares if you have a duck on your head?  It would be much more interesting to find out WHY the duck was on someone's head and how did the person manage to keep it there?

Anyway, just today I learned that it's illegal to have a muddy vehicle in the town of Minnetonka.  Obviously they want to keep the city clean, because it's also illegal to have wood piled outside your house unless it's stacked neatly.  AND you cannot have any sort of garbage or miscellaneous junk laying around your yard either.  Brings up the question - what if it's to be picked up by the garbage people?  Maybe you can have it at the end of your driveway for a short period of time.  If you do break any of these laws you could possibly be fined citing "public nuisance".

I guess if you wind up with a muddy vehicle, you best head to the closest car wash ASAP.

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