Some of these town names and lake names in Minnesota are difficult to pronounce.  And sometimes things look like they should be pronounced one way, and it turns out that it's not the correct way at all.

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It's fun to see how others pronounce town and lake names that we find so easy... like New Prague.  How many times have you heard people not from the area saying "New Prahhg"?  Like with the pronounciation of the country Prague.  Or, like Ragu with a P.


Some of the other names like Wayzata.  I remember years ago watching the show Beverly Hills 90210 when the main family was supposed to be from Minnesota orginally and pronounced Wayzata like Why-Zaata.  WRONG!  It's Why- Zetta.

About 5 years ago, someone decided to put out a video featuring Minnesota Wild players trying to pronounce Minnesota town and lake names.  Some of them nailed it, others, not so much.

Check out the video:

I feel like there could be so many more, as well.  There are so many lake names (we have 11,500 of them) and of course, people are going to mispronounce them until they get used to the name.  And even though you are familiar with a town in Minnesota, and it's pronounced one way here, does not mean it will be the same pronounciation in a neighboring state.

I'll give you an example.  Here in Central Minnesota there is a town named Sobieski.  Pronounced So-be-es-ski.  If you are in Eastern Wisconsin (Green Bay area0 there is a town, spelled exactly the same way, but pronounced So-biski.  I was called out on that within 2.3 seconds.  Oh well.  I'm from Minnesota.

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