Chicago truly has it's fair share of conspiracies, unsolved mystery and crime. Some are fun little rumors, while others were so big they made national news. Well, buckle up because Reddit users have a lot to say about the strange things that happened here in our state.

Reddit is one of the most unhinged and fun places on Earth for me. So leave to me to find an entire thread about the craziest conspiracy theories about Chicago. I love a good conspiracy or mystery, so I had a blast going down this rabbit hole and just had to share it.

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The Craziest Conspiracy Theories About Chicago, According to Reddit

These are some of the many comments that caught my attention.

#1 There's a secret Portillo's under O'Hare 


I cackled reading this one. What would the purpose be for having a Portillo's underground? Do you think it's like a speakeasy? Is there a secret codeword to get in while I wait for my flight?

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#2 Hancock Tower is a secret portal to the "underworld" & a mass infestation of spiders

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Hmm... this one is more of a "spiritual" one... but the spiders alone are enough for me to opt-out. Not about that at all!

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#3 The UFO At O'Hare

If you know, you know! My favorite part about this video is the commentary. One user said the commentary alone is the most Chicago thing ever hahaha!

#4 The Max Headroom Incident

I remember a teacher of mine from high school telling me about this in class! For those of you who aren't familiar, this was a hack that happened in Chicago in 1987. Someone was hacking nighttime television wearing this mask. To this day, no suspects have been found. I don't know how I would've reacted seeing this!

Those were a few of my favorites that I found, are there any more I should look into? I'm always game to go down a conspiracy theory/mystery rabbit hole!

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