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What a weird week!  At the start of the week, I thought my body was going to melt in the horrible heat.  This morning, I traded my tank top for a hoodie since it is now 60ish degrees.  I've got my comfy blanket ready for the cold nights and ready to enjoy fall!

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Road to Color
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One of the best parts of fall is when the leaves start to turn colors.  If you've been wondering when to head out for a drive to see all of the fall colors, hold on just a bit, but also keep the map below handy.  It is the Fall Color Finder map for Minnesota and it just went live.

The Fall Color Finder map is live! 🍂🍁🙌
Each week in the fall, Minnesota state parks and trails staff report the color changes they see in their area. They also write updated descriptions and tips for each park! The reports are compiled and updated on our Fall Color Map. If you love following along with the map, give any staff you see out in the field an extra smile, wave, or 'thanks'—they help make it all possible 😄👋 - Minnesota State Parks and Trails Facebook Page

A pond surrounded by fall foliage colors on a beautiful autumn day in New England
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If you'd love to get a notification when the colors are changing in your area, sign up for color updates at the Minnesota DNR website!

How Amazing Will The Fall Colors Be in Minnesota This Year?

If you've been saying, "It seems like the colors are early this year", you aren't alone.  I just said it the other day as leaves were falling from the trees in my yard.

According to the map that the Minnesota DNR provided, quite a few areas of Minnesota are actually seeing a bit more color right now compared to the past two years.  I have a feeling that after a week or two, Southeast Minnesota will be included in that olive green since I have already spotted several yellow treetops in the area while I've been on the road.

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