Some shocking news just hit Southeast Minnesota.  According to a Facebook post, one of Rochester, Minnesota's movie theaters will be closing its doors forever.


One of Rochester, Minnesota's Movie Theaters Is Saying "Goodbye"

On Monday, July 8th, a press release was sent out with the unfortunate news that one of Rochester, Minnesota's movie theaters was closing for good.

Odyssey Cinemas announces the closure of its Hollywood 12 Cinemas in Rochester, Minnesota. The theater will cease operations at the end of the business day on August 22, 2024.


Bryan Sieve, President of Odyssey Cinemas, expressed his gratitude to the Rochester community for their loyal support over the past 22 years. “We have cherished the opportunity to serve the Rochester community and are deeply grateful for the patronage and memories we’ve shared. It’s been an honor to be part of your
entertainment experiences,” said Sieve.

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The press release provided the reason for the decision to close Hollywood 12 Cinemas at 2171 Superior Dr. NW in Rochester, Minnesota


The decision to close Hollywood 12 Cinemas comes as the lease with the landlord has reached its end, and Odyssey Cinemas has elected not to renew it.

What to do if you have coupons, gift cards, or holding passes for Hollywood 12 Cinemas in Rochester

If you do happen to have any passes, coupons, or gift cards for Hollywood 12 Cinemas, you are asked to use those prior to the closing date of August 22nd, 2024.  If that isn't possible, you can also redeem those at any of the other Odyssey Cinema locations.  You can find other locations in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota easily on their website.

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Three Movie Theaters Are Still Open in Rochester, Minnesota

I know that we tend to stay in our comfy subdivision bubbles in Rochester and it can be hard to venture to another part of town, but if you live in NW Rochester and want to see a movie, this is what you are going to need to do after August 22nd.  If you haven't checked out the other movie theaters lately, here are three movie theaters that we've still got in the Med City.  Try one - you might like it!

  1. Marcus Rochester Cinema - 4340 Maine Ave. SW, Rochester (Get Directions)
  2. CMX Chateau - 3450 East Circle Drive NE, Rochester (Get Directions)
  3. Pop's Art Theater - 619 6th Ave. NW, Rochester (Get Directions)

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