A popular gymnastics gym in Minnesota just announced to families that it will be closing for good at the end of May.

Popular Gymnastics Gym in Minnesota is Closing for Good

After 20 years, a business in Rochester, Minnesota is closing its doors for good.  According to information sent to me, there is a chance that we could see this place reopen in the future but for now, many families are on the search for a new gymnastics program for their kids.


J.E.T.S Gymnastics in Rochester, Minnesota Closing at the End of May

According to ABC 6 News, J.E.T.S. Gymnastics, located at 2440 Clare Ln NE in Rochester, Minnesota, informed families on Monday, May 13th, that they would be closing at the end of the month due to their facility not being up to standards.

Families that have kids currently enrolled in J.E.T.S. have confirmed that the organization informed participants of the sad closing news on Monday.  Below is part of the message that was shared:

"After much evaluation and continued deliberation amongst the J.E.T.S. leadership team, we have come to the incredibly hard decision to suspend all operations indefinitely beginning June 1st, 2024. There are many factors leading to this difficult decision, such as decreased experienced coaching candidates, lower student enrollment, increased hardship in the current economic climate, but the main factor is we cannot in good conscious continue to operate out of our current facility as we feel it is not operational at the standard in which we expect to offer our J.E.T.S. families. Additionally, we feel that the end of the school year schedule presents an appropriate time to halt operations before beginning a new summer schedule and competitive gymnastics season."

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Is J.E.T.S. Going to Reopen Again in Minnesota?

There is a chance that Minnesota will once again see a J.E.T.S. gym.  The note shared with me by J.E.T.S. indicated that a lot of work has been happening the past 18 months to expand the organization to a new location, which included buying land.  At this time, J.E.T.S. is going to continue to explore the idea of constructing a new facility so there is a chance but it is not a guarantee right now.

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