With warmer-than-average weather sweeping across Illinois, residents are noticing a surge in bug and insect activity. The unseasonable temperatures have created an ideal environment for these critters to thrive, leading to an unexpected influx in homes and gardens.

In Illinois, in addition, to the warmer temperatures, we've also experienced more rainfall than normal. Illinois is quickly becoming a haven for bugs and insects. The experts are calling it a 'Bug Boom'.

According to The Pest Dude, here are the insects and bugs we'll be seeing a lot more of, along with suggestions on what you might want to try to keep your home from being infested.

Ants crawling inside of home on the floor
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Ants ramp up their foraging in warm weather, but rain can drive them indoors for shelter. Experts recommend placing bait traps along ant trails to attract and kill ants. While I see more box elder bugs and earwigs in my house than ants, I've had the most luck keeping the ants away with these liquid bait traps made by Terro from Farm n Fleet.

Rockford Middle School Treated For Bed Bugs

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Bed bug infestations are a concern in warmer weather but it's more due to our increased travel than the weather conditions. Steam cleaning is a good idea for mattresses, bed frames, and couches.


Centipedes are encouraged by moist, warm environments. Experts recommend using a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels low to discourage centipedes. My wife would like for everyone to stop using the word 'moist", while we are at it.

Cockroaches in the sink.

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Cockroaches don’t like high humidity and can seek out indoor areas for food and shelter. Bait traps are also recommended to kill cockroaches.

Desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) eating green grass.

Crickets are another pest that loves to mate in warmer weather. A dehumidifier would again keep you closer to being cricket-free indoors.


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The Housefly breeding cycle thrives when it's warmer. Sticky traps or UV lights can be used to capture flies.

Scary looking bug with lots of legs

Silverfish are more active in warm and humid environments. Here's another reason to BUY A DEHUMIDIFIER! Sticky traps, bait traps, and LESS MOISTURE discourage silverfish infestations in your home.

A Black Widow Spider spinning a web in an oak tree.

Spiders are more active when temperatures are hotter. This time, the experts say you need to reduce clutter and debris around your home to eliminate places where spiders can hide.

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