Some schools in Illinois have been around for an insanely long period of time. Obviously, some have seen better days and been around a lot longer than others. These I found are the absolute oldest in the entire state.

Memories Of Going To School In Illinois

When I walk into schools in the Rockford area like Belvidere North or Cherry Valley Elementary it just blows my mind. I couldn't imagine going to class in a brand-new building. When I was growing up, all of my schools were older. That got me wondering. What are some of the oldest schools in Illinois?

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Here Are 9 Of The Oldest Schools In Illinois.

You may have thought your school was old at the time. Wait until you check out this list of 9 of the oldest schools in Illinois. I think some of the ages will blow your mind. There's been a lot of history in those hallways.

#1 Peoria High School 

  • Located in Peoria
  • Opened in 1856

# 2 Keith Country Day School

  • Located in Rockford
  • Opened in 1916

# 3 University High School

  • Located in Normal
  • Opened in 1857
Oldest Schools In Illinois
Oldest Schools In Illinois

# 4 St. Patrick School

  • Located in Decatur
  • Opened in 1956

# 5 Elgin Academy

  • Located in Elgin
  • Opened in 1839
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# 6 Rockford University

  • Located in Rockford
  • Opened in 1847

# 7 Louis Nettelhorst Elementary School

  • Located in Chicago
  • Opened in 1892

# 8 Cambridge High School

  • Located in Cambridge
  • Opened in 1834

# 9 Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School

  • Located in Chicago
  • Opened in 1846

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