If you're taking any road trips in Wisconsin this summer, I recommend checking out these 5 must-see roadside attractions.

5 Top Roadside Attractions In Wisconsin

I would call it a right of passage for people in the Midwest. Over the summer, you grab the family, hop in the car, and go. You don't necessarily need a plan just a sense of adventure. Then, when you come across a roadside attraction, you pull over to check it out. A group picture is a requirement.

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When I was a kid, we pretty much did that for our family vacation each summer. I have so many great memories. Back then, we did it without the internet, so I think that made the adventures much more special.

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I just want to make myself clear. When I'm talking about roadside attractions, that does not include mainstream stops like amusement parks, museums, and places like that. There's nothing wrong with those stops but I'm thinking more of somewhere with the "wow" factor.

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For my money, I think Wisconsin is the best state for unique roadside attractions, especially in the Midwest. They just get it. Our neighbors to the north understand the "wow" factor of a roadside attraction. If you're taking a road trip to Wisconsin this summer, here are 5 that I highly recommend checking out.

# 1 The World's Largest 6-Pack in LaCrosse

# 2 Massive Musky in Hayward

# 3 Pinkie the Pink Elephant in DeForest

# 4 World’s Largest Potato Masher in Plover

# 5 Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha

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